Studio Ang

  • Studio Ang joins Hometeam

    We are super stoked to be part of Hometeam: A highly curated global community of owner-operator filmmakers ready, willing, and able to create impactful content close to home with camera-friendly family and friends, all while following social distancing guidelines.

  • ZEITZ MOCAA: Still Here Tomorrow To High Five You Yesterday Exhibition

    'Still Here To High Five You Yesterday' is an exhibition that explores the different ways in which artists, performers, writers and architects tackle the complexities inherent within the dual concepts of Utopia and progress.

  • TROPEN MUSEUM: Afrofuturism Exhibition

    Here, four top contemporary artists take you on a journey to their dreamed future. Video artist Mũchiri Njenga transforms a boy from the slums into a messenger from the future.

  • RENCONTRES DE BAMAKO: Afrotopia Exhibition

    Afrotopia is an exhibition that aims to present topical socially-relevant themes and to introduce visitors to cultural diversity around the world. Innovative perspectives of contemporary artists are a crucial aspect of this.