KTII UNLEASHED: Art and Tech Collide at 'Frontiers Of The Present' Exhibition KTII UNLEASHED: Art and Tech Collide at 'Frontiers Of The Present' Exhibition


Nairobi's Circle Art Gallery is currently hosting 'Frontiers Of The Present,' an exhibition that pushes artistic boundaries. Among the featured artists is Muchiri, Studio Ang director and visionary behind 'KTII'—a robot sculpture seamlessly fusing recycled digital junk with cutting-edge technology, driven by the power of Arduino boards.

The 'KTII' Robot Sculpture: 

At the core of Muchiri's showcase is the 'KTII' robot sculpture. This captivating piece not only repurposes discarded digital components but also leverages the playful ingenuity of programmable circuit boards. 'KTII' serves as a compelling exploration of the intersection between the past and the future, all animated by the versatility of Arduino technology.

Recycled Digital Junk and Playful Tech: 

By ingeniously incorporating recycled digital junk, Muchiri provides commentary on the transient nature of technology while championing sustainability. The use of Arduino boards amplifies the sculpture's interactivity, inviting viewers to engage with the dynamic relationship between programmed circuits and recycled materials. 'KTII' challenges traditional perceptions, urging the audience to reconsider their notions about the fusion of art and technology.


'Frontiers Of The Present' at the Circle Art Gallery is a must-visit, offering a captivating glimpse into the convergence of recycled digital materials and Arduino-powered technology. 'KTII,' with its whimsical charm and thought-provoking synthesis of past and present, stands as a shining example of Muchiri's artistic prowess. The exhibition is a celebration of innovation, inviting art enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike to witness the limitless possibilities when creativity meets cutting-edge technology.