MOCADA: A / wake In The Water Exhibition MOCADA: A / wake In The Water Exhibition

awake in the water

MoCADA recently hosted a groundbreaking exhibition, "a/wake in the water: Meditations on Disaster," featuring a stellar lineup of filmmakers and artists. Curated by Erin Christovale, the showcase explored the intersection of Black experiences, environmental hazards, and natural disasters.

With urgency around 21st-century climate change, the exhibition delved into the aftermath of disasters, highlighting challenges faced by Black communities. From Kevin Jerome Everson's rooted films on working-class African Americans to Cauleen Smith's multi-channel installations blending sculptural elements and text, the artists provided diverse perspectives.

Ulysses Jenkins tackled race and history through an afro-futurist lens, Tameka Norris explored identity through various mediums, and Muchiri Njenga's afrofuturistic short film, "Kichwateli," offered a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

"In 'a/wake in the water: Meditations on Disaster,' these artists invite viewers to contemplate the past, present, and future of environmental justice through film and art," promising a thought-provoking experience on interconnected environmental and social issues within the African diaspora

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