RITUALS & PERFORMANCE: A Snapshot of LAGOS PHOTO's Unforgettable Exhibition RITUALS & PERFORMANCE: A Snapshot of LAGOS PHOTO's Unforgettable Exhibition

In a bygone cultural extravaganza, LAGOS PHOTO's 'Ritual & Performance' exhibition, held from October 22nd to November 21st, transported attendees into the heart of human experience. Muchiri Njenga, a standout from Studio Ang, showcased a unique perspective on rituals and performances, imprinting our memories with his art.


The exhibition unraveled the allure of rituals and performances, becoming a platform for contemplation and cultural exploration. Muchiri Njenga's work, along with other featured artists, offered a visual feast, capturing the essence of diverse cultures through evocative colors and intricate details.

Reliving the Extravaganza:

The past echoes with the celebratory opening day – a collective revelry of creativity and shared experiences. Whether an art enthusiast or a casual observer, attendees became part of an event that transcended the ordinary, leaving lasting imprints of laughter, conversations, and an appreciation for the profound stories told through art.


Though the curtains have closed on 'Ritual & Performance,' the resonance of the exhibition lingers. Muchiri Njenga and his peers took us on a brief yet impactful journey into the soul of cultures, leaving us with indelible memories of LAGOS PHOTO's enchanting celebration of rituals and performances.