UNVEILING THE EPIC JOURNEY: Mysteries of Jabali and Sauti UNVEILING THE EPIC JOURNEY: Mysteries of Jabali and Sauti

In a revolutionary crescendo that challenges the norm, Studio Ang, The LAM Sisterhood, and Kikapu Studio have conjured the enchanting transmedia series, "The Mysteries of Jabali and Sauti." This triumphant trio, a force of Kenyan creativity, is poised to redefine the landscape of children's entertainment with a transmedia opus.

Studio Ang, the imaginative powerhouse steering 2D animations, comics, and motion comics, not only co-crafted the mesmerizing 'Tisa universe' but meticulously orchestrated every character and background design, breathing life into the project. Collaborating with handpicked artists, they forged a visual language that pirouettes with innovation. The animations and comics unfolded myriad mystical tales, while the motion comics delved into the captivating backstories of the universe.

Enter The LAM Sisterhood, magicians of audio storytelling, elevating the series to new heights. Now, children can close their eyes and immerse themselves in the mystical tales of Jabali and Sauti, experiencing a sensory journey that transcends the screen and leaps off the pages. Meanwhile, Kikapu Studio weaved their magic into captivating picture books that bring the stories to life in a tangible, magical way.

Rooted in the rich tapestry of Kenyan culture, the series follows the adventures of friends Jabali and Sauti, where the essence of friendship and teamwork takes center stage, imparting invaluable life lessons in enchanting ways. This fantastical expedition seamlessly weaves in elements of African mythologies, mysticism, magical realism, and Afrofuturism, adding an extra layer of intrigue and depth to the narratives.

"The Mysteries of Jabali and Sauti" will exclusively grace Kenyan screens through Akili Kids! TV and be available at AFK - Learning Hub (https://akflearninghub.org/initiatives/tisa/) ensuring that the magic extends beyond television.

This isn't just a series—it's a jubilation of Kenyan stories. A gateway to a joyous love of reading, inviting children to explore the lives of Jabali, Sauti, and their friends, forging connections beyond screens into the enchanting realm of literature.

As we embark on this epic journey, heartfelt gratitude extends to the Aga Khan Foundation and the LEGO Foundation for their unwavering support. Their recognition of the transformative power within Kenyan studios solidifies this collaborative masterpiece as a testament to the strength of unity in bringing stories to life. Brace yourselves for an adventure poised to ignite imagination, inspire curiosity, and etch an indelible mark on the hearts of young and old alike. The adventure awaits!