NBC UNIVERSAL: Global Citizen Awards

Katie Couric Honors Price Winner Temie Giwa-Tubusun

They say ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. With the world being locked down during the pandemic, Studio Ang was commissioned BY Co.MISSION Content Group to help produce this interview between world renown TV presenter, journalist and author Katie Couric, and Global Citizen 2020 Business Leader price winner and founder of Lifebank, Temie Giwa-Tobusun. So how do you safely film Katie Couric from NYC and Temie Giwa from Nigeria together in the same room?

By creating two duplicate sets - in NYC and Nigeria - and having Hometeam crews shoot to exact matching specs.

A Remote Interview 5,000 Miles Apart

You’d never guess it from looking at what aired on NBC, but Katie was filmed on a green screen in a studio in NYC and Temie Giwa-Tubusun was filmed on another green screen in Lagos, Nigeria. The interview was conducted in real time via a video chat on monitors set up next to each talent.

Matching Specs for a Seamless Interview

Three cameras for each interview, matching eye lines, matching chairs and some magic in post created an immersive digital environment where viewers saw Katie and Temie chatting as though they were in the same room…rather than 5,000 miles apart.


Nigeria Shoot Producer: Muchiri Njenga (Studio Ang)
Global Producer: Harrison Winter  (Co.MISSION Content)
Client: NBC Universal